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Dr. Culbertson has been practicing for over 12 years in the Portland area.  She is a graduate of both Western States Chiropractic University and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  She specializes in combination treatments and herbal medicine. 
If you are looking to receive chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal care from a single provider, she may be a good fit for you.

She will work with musculoskeletal complaints, autoimmune syndromes, migraines, TMD, women's health, digestive problems, sports injuries, and more.  She has a special focus on reducing inflammation of all types in the body, as stress and inflammation are root causes of many conditions.  She relies on herbal therapy when conditions need extra support beyond chiropractic or acupuncture alone.

Her herbal treatment strategies are primarily based using Standard Process products, as she believes them to be some of the highest quality and integrity of herbs on the market.  

When Dr. Culbertson is not treating patients, she can be found rock climbing, trail running, nordic skiing, or hanging out with her cat!

Dr. Glenda Culbertson Chiropractor and Acupuncturist8315 N. Denver Ave, Portland, Or 97217                    
(located in the Kenton Wellness Co-op 
in North Portland)
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